Donations to Holland Hospital are used to support our community outreach programs. These programs bring health care services to at-risk individuals in our own community. One-hundred percent of your gift goes to the service(s) of your choice, with no deduction for administrative costs.


Breast Care Fund

Early detection is the best opportunity to treat breast cancer and reduce the risk of recurrence. The Breast Care Fund covers the cost of screening and diagnostic mammograms, ultrasounds and biopsies for women in our community who do not have insurance coverage for these life-saving tests.

Holland Community Health Center

The Holland Community Health Center provides affordable, primary care services in a doctor's office setting. The majority of the Center's patients lack adequate health insurance. Nearly half of the patients are children.

School Mental Health Program

The School Mental Health Program's mission is to improve the mental health and wellness of students by coordinating and managing care between the school, family, caregivers, physicians and/or hospital for our most at-risk students.

School Nursing Program

Holland Hospital's school nurses address the health needs for over 11,000 children in five local school districts. Many of the students live at or below the poverty level and do not receive regular medical care outside from school.

General Fund

Donations will be used to support the Holland Community Health Center, School Nursing Program, Breast Care Fund and School Mental Health Program.

Lights of Love

Delivering comfort for over 30 years

Each year the Holland Hospital Volunteer Council shines a light on patient comfort through its Lights of Love campaign. When you honor a loved one's memory or recognize someone special with a donation to Lights of Love, you also deliver an added touch of care to patients. Your contribution to this year's campaign will be used to purchase:

Accuvein Vein Finder

The Surgery Center seeks funding for an Accuvein Vein Finder. Patients often have anxiety surrounding the IV start, especially if they’ve had a challenging IV start before. Adding this technology will assist the nurse with IV starts on patients with veins that are difficult to visualize. Approximately 3,000 patients will benefit from this request.

Care Packages

The Emergency Department (ED) seeks funds for Care Packages for patients requiring transfer to another hospital. Having to transfer a patient during an emergency adds to the family’s crisis. The ED would like to provide a care package with useful items for each family as they transfer their loved one to another hospital. This project is expected to benefit 500 families.

Test Strips and Lancets

Support Diabetic Education with funds to purchase test strips and lancets for expectant women diagnosed with diabetes. Many of these women wait up to two weeks for testing supplies. Having extra supplies will keep these patients safe while they wait for supplies or determine where to get low-cost supplies. Optimal blood sugar control for pregnant women helps ensure a healthier outcome. This project will benefit 5-10 patients per month.

Memorial Fund

Keeping Memories Alive

Many families choose to honor their loved ones by creating a memorial fund in their memory. Often, these meaningful tributes are designated for a program that touched or made a difference in the life of their loved one in some way. When you make a contribution, please list the designee's name in the notes section to ensure it's applied to the proper fund and the surviving family is notified.